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User Agreement


Any and all participants, visitors, advertisers and person or persons sending any pictures, descriptions, information, letters or graphic materials, submissions or correspondence to BigAlsList agree to relinquish all rights of ownership and agree that these pictures, information, letters or graphic products can be used in whole or part as BigAlsList sees fit. Any participants also do so with the understanding that any and all graphic material posted on this site may be copied, printed, forwarded and used in some way by other vistitors to this site. We cannot in any way control, protect or be responsible for material being copied from this site and used in any other way. Any and all participants, visitors, advertisers and persons involved in any submissions or corrrespondences with this site agree to hold any BigAlsList agents blameless for any of their uses.

Because of having no control on what other websites may contain or lead to, Big Al's List is not responsible for anything you may see or do with links from this website. We try to keep this website family friendly and include only items of general interest and will upon knowledge of non family oriented websites remove all links connected to them. Please help me to keep this website clean by informing me of anything not within our guidelines.

Care and diligence is used to try and maintain accuracy in any copy, classified ads, forms, list or other material submitted to this site. No warranty shall be given, written or implied, as to the accuracy of copy, merchantability of any product advertised, truthfulness and accuracy of claims of either buyer or seller of any item.

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